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Feel free to post your welcome messages if you want to give a wave hello! You may post photos of your favorite plush/reasons for joining or things about yourself! :D (Or maybe, post your entire collection!)- You DO NOT have to 'collect' plush to join! If you own any or even if you don't, as long as you like stuffed animals/plushies, you're absolutely welcome to join. Bring your friends on board for some fun! ^_^ If you know ANYONE who collects plush, please invite them!

Image size: Please keep ALL images under 550 pixels, 600 pixels are the maximum size allowed :)

I AM looking for moderators and people who can help out and making this group grow! Please pass the word, you will get kudos!!

 I don't mind trades on this community either!

 Contest ideas: Please PM me your ideas!

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any Brian Froud fans (selling the lot)
i have these Brian Froud collectibles i would like to sell i purchased this trunk and everything was in side don't no how long these little guys have been locked away in there but everything is in new condition ...

if any interest please email me at mikejfromphily@yahoo.com or text 973-718-8153

Would love to move to facebook, can anyone be an admin?
Hi all,

I am looking for admins to run this group on facebook, with a name that can be verified and the account never deleted.
Please contact me if possible.

Dreams Come True~ (Woah lots of new plushies!!)
Woah!!! What's new with me? :) I got this umbreon from a trade with vaporeonxlover! I am very glad it's one of those times where "I'm not sure if i'll end up keeping it" and when I received it, it turned up being "yay this is so cute, it goes in my hammock! (fave plushies only)! ^^

Cabbit Backpack (on the right): OMG, I had this guy on my wishlist before I even made a wishlist, perhaps for more than FIVE YEARS. And it's pretty rare and elusive, at least when it comes to finding it for sale. As far as I know, they can only be purchsed pre-owned and CAN go to $60 on bids, my mom after two years of searching snagged it for $40 buy-it-now on valentines for me <3  he gets to hang out with his other two cabbit friends!

Charizard: zomg, I got shiny charizard in a trade and so far I think its cute! And....

Pokemon: ... ^_^ Well I asked the bootleg maker if they could make my favorites.... I kind of doubted they'd EVER make my favorites, because they have no merchandise of them whatsoever, no one ever seems to like them (*cough*)... Nidorino especially. People usually just like nidoking! But I asked anyway, as well as Quilava, Dunsparce *he isn't a top 5 favorite or anything but I love his colors*, and.... Next couple of months roll by and POOSH THEY WERE PRODUCED!

NIDORINO: ........ O_O what u gotta me a kidding me a nidorino plush?! YEAH. I think right now, this plushie is my #2 fave plushie I ever owned. It's body shape is PERFECT. It looks high quality (I know these are all bootlegs, lol), but WOW. I dont think that the pokemon company can make one looking this sweet and big! I am wanting to buy ANOTHER ONE of the same plush to play with so I don't worry about ruining its perfection, it just looks like it should be displayed and is so gorgeous! I've been losing my mind all day once I received it like a kid in an endless candy land!

Quilava: He needs some glue to keep his flames together, but he's uber cute. I love his nice coloration.

Dunsparce: They did such a nice job at making his head, his details, and everything! His head is SLIGHTLY odd, but still i'm very impressed.

These are totally my new top fave plush of all time that I ever owned, i've been so happy about them and only received nido, quil and dunsparce this morning!

Green Dragon: I bought him from Meijers, he's so soft!!! Minky material, which is material I always hate, but I love it on my green long dragon! He's another top-top fave of mine!


Rawr!! I should have put the little umbreon here, i've been just too excited to think lately XD

I am considering some nice collection cases for my bootlegs! I'm weird :D but they're absolutely beautiful. <3

I'm wondering what plushies I have that i'd like to sell off now that i'm getting squished from less room and now that I have plushies that I wouldn't trade anything for, thus getting priority! I'll post anything here so you wont miss it if I do want to sell anything before or as soon as it's on ebay.

Sorry I haven't posted here in a while, thought I would show you my recent plushie I made.

my Lovely thylacine, I'm completely proud of this guy ;w; he is made just like commercial one you would buy in the stores! Up next to be made is a Black backed jackal another animal lacking the plushie love, seriously why didn't ganz make a jackal after how well the wolf sold, oh well.

In other news have you guys heard about the what the last webkinz signature is, I kinda thought it would be a Corgi a little disappointing its a Bull Dog, a dog you can find as a  plush of anywhere. =I Why not a Shiba inu? that breed hardly has any good plushies of it. 

Contest: Prizes ideas! Comment with any brainstorming :) (And some small gets!)
Hey guys! I have just came up with the best idea for a prize idea for winners of contests.

While I know some people may be willing to create an entire plush for a winner and donate the time/materials to do so, I prefer to have a faster time period to work and less materials. Thus, the wonderful, awesome idea for my type of prize I could donate for contests will be... Accessories! :3! Like, collars with bells, collars, dog harnesses for large dogs or leashes, booties, scarfs, bows, clips, flowers, and small little things! :D Maybe even tiny little plushies for your plushie! XD So i'm set with my idea!

And the voting is going... going... going! Vote if you didn't yet! We may hold a 'dress up your plush contest' because that's being the most popular right now! And October is around the corner! So maybe.... During Halloween?! :D Let me know any ideas!

Let me know now until october what you will be COMMITTED (as in fully committed) to providing for our wonderful contests coming up.

<3 love and plushies for all ya! Would a nice badge for the group be, "I <3 Plushies"? XD

For Trading/Selling: I thought this black cat was 12"+ but its actually small and a beanie baby ;'( anyone want to buy/trade? I paid $10 for this kitty cat. I will also post my Leopards for sale/trade! PLEASE NOTE: I MIGHT keep the sitting leopard! But it depends on the offer <3

plush sales and commissions
Hey everyone I am trying to save up money for a table at phoenix comicon next june so I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I am also open for plush commissions.

-I ship from mesa, az
-shipping inside the us will start at $2 for figures and $4 for plush
-I am willing to haggle as I want these items gone and I really need the money so I can sell at comicon
-no trades this time as I need the money
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Hey! I'm Ash, Big time Plush collector for many years now, I'm 23 and love making and collecting well made Plushes mostly foxes. I use to collect Pokemon plushes, But i'm now more into WWF Anna,Ganz and leosco.

Here's a few plushes I have made

Arcanine, roadside romeo, and a silver fox. I'm still a n00bie plush maker only been doing it for a 2 year and a half now, but I hope to get much better with time. :3

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(no subject)
Hi everyone!! :) Today I bring you some Plush sales that are FULL of Webkinz! :)


Here is a small preview:


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