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archer411 wrote in plushcollectors
Hi everyone!! :) Today I bring you some Plush sales that are FULL of Webkinz! :)

Here is a small preview:

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Kawaiiiii~! What condition is your webkinz gecko in?! Is it used at all?
(also on your raccoon ^_^) specific details will help me decide.

If I am still interested, do you take trades or not? I can post a trading/sales post after I find I would like them :3

Hi! :D The Gecko and Racoon both have no hang tags and the code things, but other than that I dont see anything on the plush that would worsen the condition- so they're pretty much mint. :D

Yeah! Right now Im trying to expand my pokemon collection and I think I put a link on the top of the sales. Plus, if I see a cute plush I will probably trade or buy :)

kay! I will link you my pics soon, sorry about delaying my response been quite busy. ^_^ But I will get you that pic probably tomorrow.

Awesome! :D. I would be willing to trade the webkinz for the manaphy and Darumaka Jakks plushies! <3

If you disagree, I completely understand though! :)

If there's nothing other than the darumaka i'd be fine with me sending after I receive (I can link you to 2-5 pages of my personal feedback and some with trades completed) :3

Private message me your address and i'll send mine to you!

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