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plush sales and commissions
vaporeonxlover wrote in plushcollectors
Hey everyone I am trying to save up money for a table at phoenix comicon next june so I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff. I am also open for plush commissions.

-I ship from mesa, az
-shipping inside the us will start at $2 for figures and $4 for plush
-I am willing to haggle as I want these items gone and I really need the money so I can sell at comicon
-no trades this time as I need the money

-hq dx eevee: $40
-bootiwe vaporeon canvas: $5

-red genesect zukan: $8 (mewtwo is gone)
-bonsly jakks plush: $5
-eeveelution kid figures: $6 each/tomy eevee: $5
-hasbro eevee plush: $8
-I ♥ eevee plush: $18
-friends eevee plush: $12
-sylveon plush is on hold
-talky eevee: $40
-ag eevee: $65
-play by play eevee: $15

-snivy OC plush lot: $150 OBO
will only be selling this as a lot as it is an OC

-umbreon OC lot: $80 OBO
only selling as a lot.
Sylveon is not included

-shinx OC plush lifesize: $50 OBO


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Great job on the post!!! :D All pics are great!

If I can make a suggestion, I might be interested in a Dedenne plush (chibi and very small, hand size), but it depends on how it turns out. So I cant promise anything! Make it at your own risk :3

Can I have a side pic of your vaporeon booty canvas?

I got your package - everything is great! I'm excited to give my friend your eevee I got from you!~ <3 I think you forgot to add Raichu, but if I like vappy maybe you can combine shipping for the two.

Edited at 2013-08-28 08:11 pm (UTC)

I can certainly do a dedenne plush hand sized. I would charge about $25 for such a small size and yea I realized I forgot to add it.
Here is the pic of the bootie vaporeon:

Ah ^^
i'll pass on vappy right now, if you still have raichu can you send it to me sometime? I can take $6 off what you owe. I'm getting your package and address together to send your stuff to you :3

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