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Contest: Prizes ideas! Comment with any brainstorming :) (And some small gets!)
lugiacollector wrote in plushcollectors
Hey guys! I have just came up with the best idea for a prize idea for winners of contests.

While I know some people may be willing to create an entire plush for a winner and donate the time/materials to do so, I prefer to have a faster time period to work and less materials. Thus, the wonderful, awesome idea for my type of prize I could donate for contests will be... Accessories! :3! Like, collars with bells, collars, dog harnesses for large dogs or leashes, booties, scarfs, bows, clips, flowers, and small little things! :D Maybe even tiny little plushies for your plushie! XD So i'm set with my idea!

And the voting is going... going... going! Vote if you didn't yet! We may hold a 'dress up your plush contest' because that's being the most popular right now! And October is around the corner! So maybe.... During Halloween?! :D Let me know any ideas!

Let me know now until october what you will be COMMITTED (as in fully committed) to providing for our wonderful contests coming up.

<3 love and plushies for all ya! Would a nice badge for the group be, "I <3 Plushies"? XD

For Trading/Selling: I thought this black cat was 12"+ but its actually small and a beanie baby ;'( anyone want to buy/trade? I paid $10 for this kitty cat. I will also post my Leopards for sale/trade! PLEASE NOTE: I MIGHT keep the sitting leopard! But it depends on the offer <3

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Omg why must you show these leopard pics XD

As for contest prizes accessories for our plush sounds awesome!! I would be willing to help make some simple things as well

Alright! Please do reply to me on what things specifically, all ideas that you'd be set on and I can add you to the prize-maker/giver list!

Because Leopards are cool <3 <3 but running low on space XD

I'd be set on doing collars and necklaces and bracelets simple plush things

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