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zorua_ash wrote in plushcollectors
Sorry I haven't posted here in a while, thought I would show you my recent plushie I made.

my Lovely thylacine, I'm completely proud of this guy ;w; he is made just like commercial one you would buy in the stores! Up next to be made is a Black backed jackal another animal lacking the plushie love, seriously why didn't ganz make a jackal after how well the wolf sold, oh well.

In other news have you guys heard about the what the last webkinz signature is, I kinda thought it would be a Corgi a little disappointing its a Bull Dog, a dog you can find as a  plush of anywhere. =I Why not a Shiba inu? that breed hardly has any good plushies of it. 

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Very cool plush! :)He has such a sweet little face.

WOAH! I was assuming there would be no new activity on here and I just checked in, like <3

Did you make the entire plush by hand?! Its quality is that of a store quality if not even better with the cuteness! Those legs are very different from what I normally see, I love those :O

I wish Webkinz released animals such as hummingbird moth, Shiba Inu, etc, as well!

Makes me wonder if the (sled dog?) Ginga/Weed is part Shiba Inu or not because of the facial white markings. I like Corgi dogs too, way more than bull dogs. :3

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