Plushie of the week! Murray (Build a bear fox) <3
Featuring this week's plushie of the week!

"This was a surprise gift one of my best friends got for me via the Build-a-Bear Workshop Website. I didn't see it in any of the Build-A-Bear Workshops near me. I love this little guy. He is VERY SOFT, has a bushy tail and he has a sweet expression on his face. I named this wonderful fox, Murray."

Feel free to ask any questions for the owner to answer! =^.^=

Intro Post!
Hi everyone! After stalking this comm for a little while I decided to become a member and make an introduction! So, my name is Hailey and ever since I was little I have loved plushies! ( We actually sold most of them though -.-) Here is my current "collection"! (I hope the size is good!)


As you can probably see I love wolves!! <3 I also love pokemon and I hope to start collecting them too! :D I hope to make some good friends at this community! :)

Also, so you need to have special permision to sell some plush here? Because my little cousin gave me a bunch of Webkinz and I've weeded out some that I want to keep and some that I will sell! ( I dont really know why she gave me all of her Webkinz though.. XD) Thanks! :D

finished custom plush and soon to open commissions
Here are some custom plush I recently finished.
I am also going to open commissions for plush in abt a month or less

Custom OC umbreon and shiny vaporeon. Umbreon pattern by someone on DA and vaporeon pattern by me

Custom pillow croagunk. Blitzle pokedoll for size reference.
Pattern by me

Floppy Bunny <3 *finding from today
Omg, this bunny.... Exactly my style, perfect plush material, perfect head just hopped into my heart from goodwill <3 I SO LOVE THIS LITTLE BUNNY!!!!! *going to put it with my cuddle plush hammock*
It's so perfect... $2 sure is a good deal :D oooooogh!!!! I love him!

plush commissions
Hey everyone I just got my wisdom teeth taken out today and surprisingly I am doing just fine!!

I am finishing some trade plush up right now and should be done in a few days but I am opening plush commissions!!

They will start at $40 and go up from there. Right now I am only taking simple Pokemon and MLP characters and some animals.

I have pretty much every color minky and a ton of fleece and some other materials so just ask if you have a question about certain colors.

I won't be able to start them until next week or even this weekend but I will make sure to keep you updated.

For now I will open 3 slots. Just claim your spot and let me know what you would like and what size and I'll give you a quote on how much it will be :)

Plus Gets from Today! :)
I visited my local thrift store and they had 200+ plushies! Like 3 or more grocery cats full! Myself being as picky as I am was amazed I found this white kitty and a RED LOBSTER!!!!
Awww~! The two on the left will be for trading with or for sale :) I found them unusual and unique, the leopard feels super high quality and the way it is stuffed just feels ... OMIGOD I touched the leg and it started SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the birthday bear, happy birthday! To you! Its a special day for the whole world, happy birthday! XD XD XD It scared me at first.... It's perfectly stuffed and it's really awesome in person. Anyone know if this is a buildabear plush? It has a small yellow tag with a blue paw print and a heart on the other side ^0^

I also did not know that they made a light blue pebble pets dragon before :0 I have a feeling someone here would want it and if not soon- then eventually. ;D so those two yeah I have them up for anyone.

The white kitty was an OMIGOD MOMENT! O_O I was like OMG!!!!! The little mouse in its paws spins around and its so cute ;__; the body of this chubby little kitty, the eyes, the face OH ITS SO CUTE I love it ;O; your going to meet a ton of kitties  I own little guy! I actually do like the size of this kitty it stands maybe 12 inches tall ^^ just omg.....

The red lobster I thought was a beanie baby but its actually not, it says special effects- div. of the mighty star inc. NJ Dcn industries.... o_O
It's pretty interesting, I like the plush material on it (beanie baby similarities)- its so cute ^o^

*I also got a 1:1 snivy from a wonderful trade with vaporeonxlover ! Thank you!!!!

plush and figures for sale!!
Hey everyone I need these gone. I don't have room for them anymore as I'm trying to make room for new items.

-i ship from Arizona
-shipping in US will be $3. International will be $5
-i am open to haggling
-i will give discounts for buying more than 1 item
-dont be afraid to ask questions :)

plushies galore!!Collapse )

let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! Happy shopping

Hello, everyone. :)
Happy Susie with kitty
Hello, everybody, and Happy Easter! :)

I just wanted to make an intro post here - I love plushies (always have) and I love the idea of this community! :)

Let's see - I'm 21, I love classic rock, animation/cartoons, Disney, and my favorite plushies to collect are dolphins, whales, crows, ravens, and raccoons - and of course, character plush!

Here are some of my current favorite "friends:"

 photo currentfaveplushiesresize_zps46fb45d0.jpg

On the top row is Jeremy from The Secret of NIMH - I'm really proud of Jeremy, bcuz I was looking for a plushie of Jeremy for literally years until I found one for a semi-reasonable price on Ebay. Next is Wreck-It Ralph, from the recent Disney movie...he's soft and cuddly, and his arms are long enough to wrap around someone's neck and shoulders and hug! <3 Next to Ralph is Vixey, an AA/American WeGo fox plush...yes, she's named after Tod's girlfriend in The Fox and the Hound. :)

On the next row is CuddleWilt - CuddleWilt is a plushie of Wilt, my favorite character from the show Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. I'd wanted a plushie of Wilt ever since the show came out years ago, and I found CuddleWilt on Ebay just a little over two years ago. He's one of those plushies that goes with me on every trip and overnight. :) Then, there's Randall Boggs from Monsters, Inc...Randall was always my favorite character, and the Disney Store made a plushie of him just a few months ago (FINALLY!). Next to Randall are Fix-It Felix and Vanellope von Schweetz, also from Wreck-It Ralph (it's one of my favorite movies now). Then there's Bert Raccoon from The Raccoons, and Suzy Ducken from the line of greeting cards and stationery by artist Suzy Spofford - I was around a lot of her art growing up, and Suzy's a nice reminder of my childhood in that way. :)

In the front row are my "smaller" but no less distinguished plushie friends. :) There's Rinco the eel, a gift from an online friend, Rebound from the new Pound Puppies show on The Hub, and Susie the Little Blue Coupe. Susie is another favorite Disney character of mine, and I was thrilled when they started making plushies of her in Japan - which is where she came from! :D The dog and rabbit, named Brownie and Lazy Mary, respectively, are plushies I've had since infancy - I got Brownie for my first birthday and received Lazy Mary in my Easter basket for my first Easter. :) Then there's two of my smallest friends, Hugmy (the little fellow with the grabby hands) and Truffles (the Blue Nosed Friends pig). Then there's my plushie of Mater from Cars that I've had from 2006 (another one who goes everywhere with me) a small plushie of Fluttershy from My Little Pony, and Babs from Chicken Run, who I've had since 2000. Then, in front of them all is Dory, my favorite stuffed dolphin, who not only goes with me on trips and overnights, but in, everywhere in my purse, backpack, or pocket. I have issues with depression and social anxiety, and she helps me feel calmer, not so alone, and more able to venture outside.

My plushies are not for sale unless otherwise noted. :)

Well, sorry my intro post turned out to be such a novel, lol...I look forward to meeting all of you, too! :)

collection pics plus sales

plushies!!Collapse )

intro post!
Hey everyone! My name is Kellie I am 19 years old and LOVE plush to no end. Whether it is buying them, commissioning them or even making them myself!!

Most of my plush are pokemon but I love any plush! Also most of them are customs which I love even more than official mercy because no one has it and they are one of a kind.

I will post my collection soon once I get pics.

I take commissions and trades and also sales. I'll post all the info for those soon too lol

If interested comment here and I can answer questions


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