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zorua_ash wrote in plushcollectors
Hey! I'm Ash, Big time Plush collector for many years now, I'm 23 and love making and collecting well made Plushes mostly foxes. I use to collect Pokemon plushes, But i'm now more into WWF Anna,Ganz and leosco.

Here's a few plushes I have made

Arcanine, roadside romeo, and a silver fox. I'm still a n00bie plush maker only been doing it for a 2 year and a half now, but I hope to get much better with time. :3

This is my Gang of Epicness I like to call them, I just love the pattern Uni-toys, Anna Toys An ganz used.

I'm thinking of selling the laying down silver one, sense I have the floppy one and the silvers were really price to import.
                                                                                                                                                                     Jade, my large sitting arctic fox He is around 18" tall and a bit over 2 pounds.

my adult Tod and Baby Tod from Disney UK, and Disney store USA

I would really like to see this Group grow, to be similar to Pokemon collectors, where people can do plush pick ups for each other,sense some pushes you can't buy online.

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I did allot of Prototypes before doing my finish product, I also looked up allot of tutorials XD I can send you a few of the ones I used if you like?

Yeah, the tan ones are Fennec's I have a large on and small one.

Omg that would be awesome if you could send me some tutorials!! If you have any test patterns I could use that would be awesome too!

Thanks for those. Ill definitely look through them.

If you could look at some of my latest plush where I made the patterns that would be great.
If you go into my gallery and go to the plushies folder please critique my pikachu, arcanine and sylveon (and dedenne if I put him up)

do you still have the patterns, so I could see them?

Yea I would need to scan them onto my computer. Most of the arcanine one was just made up and I don't have most of that one as it was made up on the spot. But the pikachu one I can easily scan

alright, just note them to my Vengefulspirits account on DA, and I'll see what I can do.

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